I am a disabled person and only started woodturning about two months ago.  I have always enjoyed working with wood so my father suggested that i buy a lathe and start turning, he thought since i would be able to sit while i turned, i would be able to spend longer on my hobby without having to stop and rest... so i did !  I bought a sip 40in starter lathe, which although it is not the best lathe out there, it is definately one i would recommend for begginers like myself.  It's a very basic design and simple to get the hang of......I was turning bowls and goblets within a couple of days and i think my finished pieces are improving all the time !

I wanted to start a web page for other people like myself that are just starting out with woodturning.  My intent is to write about everything i have learned in the last couple of months and hopefully exchange ideas with others.  I am most definately NOT an expert!  but hopefully, given time i will be !! 

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