This was my third attempt at turning a bowl.  This one is made from Willow, i found it extremely hard to turn using Willow as i think it is quite a soft wood and it was kind of spongy.  On the first two attemts i made, the bowl cracked right down the centre. 
 this little pot i found easy to make  i just drilled a hole then bored out what was left  i dont know what wood it is as it was some from my local woods  that was on the floor
 this varse was  hard to make because i do not have the right tools  as it was a deep hollow  (again wood from local woods) i personly like to try diffrent things and shape on the out side  this is what i come up with
 this was my pride and joy lol  hollowed inside  shaped on the out side  i use sanding sealer  and  french polish  so it had a nice gloss finish i love the grian on this vares  it took me two days to make  i know im very slow at turning
 as for this well  i was have a bad day  every thing i touched went wrong  this was going to be a vares but ended up being a  pot   i was not happy with this
 this is a small goblet  made from pine  hand rail  it was good fun to make  i was worried about it snapping  as it is very thin
 this is the same as above from a diffrent view
 this was my frist pen i have ever made  i just turned to a pen looking shape the drilled a hole up the middle  and use a ball point pen insert the waxed it all done  very simply thing to make  took me about 30 mins
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